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School Services

Book coding based INSET for teachers, or fun STEM days for your pupils

Whether it's running Coding Classes for your pupils, upskilling staff, or providing resources, Dr C can help. Dr C's Electro Labs offers training in how to make the IT curriculum accessible for staff, increasing engagement and confidence.


Coding and Electronics for your School

We offer in school coding sessions for all Yeargroups.

We run computer science for all ages, including coding sessions, electronics, and much more.


We can cater for all levels and help your school stand out with its STEM provision. 

Coding Session at Crowborough Primary School

Our coding sessions introduced students to the Pi-Top [4].

Using Scratch for our youngest learners, the basic elements of coding are used to allow them to create many interesting projects.

For our older learners, we use python to introduce some really cool robotics. Learners use the robotic arm to carry out some lifting tasks, as well as the Pi-Top [4]'s Foundation Kit to get them controlling their electronics by coding. 

The pupils of St Mary's Primary School in Crowborough really enjoyed the sessions.


STEM and coding days for the pupils at your school

Real coding and electronics with an emphasis on hands on group-working

Dr C's Electro Labs can come in to your school and run hands on sessions with your pupils. We can run bespoke sessions which are tailored for their age and experience.

Equipment and Resources to Enhance Learning

Bespoke Equipment Solutions

We can provide equipment that will easily enhance the delivery of STEM in your school. Hardware and Booklets are available, with friendly practical advice that will give staff confidence to use the equipment.

INSET and Staff Training

Raising confidence in staff to enhance learning

Delivering a rigorous coding curriculum can be very intimidating, but there is no reason that it should be. Dr C can help you and your staff gain the confidence required to enhance coding and electronic skills and set your school apart

"I loved working with Dr C as he was helpful and interesting and I really liked the activities."

George, Year 6 pupil

"Dr C was patient and so well prepared. Everything was clearly explained."

Mrs Sarah Alcock, Sacred Heart Wadhurst

"I really enjoyed today, and found working with the electronics enjoyable."

India, Year 6 pupil

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