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Spark Camp Easter 2023

This April seen the return of Spark Camp's Easter offering. This was an opportunity for Dr C's Electro Labs to introduce our new range of equipement.

Dr C's Electro Labs has a full set of Pi-Top [4] computers to use for coding. These allowed us to introduce a whole array of wonderful coding opportunities including: controlling electronics, robotic arm loading challenges, and robot races.

The learners had a real blast! And so did we!


Dr C's Electro Labs at Spark Camp

Girls and boys coding on the Pi-Top [4] and having a great time. The phrase "I love coding now!" was heard from one of the girls as they left. I think that is a win! 

Summer Camps

Dr C's Electro Labs during summer

Dr C's Electro Labs has joined with Spark Camp at Mayfield School, and Sir Henry Fermor CofE School and Holidays And Food (HAF), to offer a summer coding experience that stimulates and engages. Learners from Year 3 - 8 were accommodated . 

A range of activities were offered including building robots and making animated puppets. Year 3 students were able to write and amend basic code while Year 8 learners were making their own codes to control robotic arms for loading tasks.  

We are partnering with Bede's Summer School in order to bring an coding academy to East Sussex, this will begin in 2023.

Holiday Camps

Coding Camps between the terms


Dr C's Electro Labs offers a variety of coding camp experiences. These require no prior knowledge, but those with some experience will find a range of activities to stretch and challenge them. The coding camps are an excellent opportunity to discover how creative and fun coding and electronics can be. 

We are based in East Sussex, and our coding camps provide an excellent opportunity to learn Python and have a blast while doing so!

Our camps are for pupils who are of a Year 5 or over; however, if you feel your child is particularly gifted/interested, then please contact us to discuss the options available.

Please look at some of the photographs of the May Coding camp from 2022. Some great Jubilee creations too!


Coding Camp May Half-term 2022

During the May Half Term, we focused on  crafting and robotics

Coding can be an incredibly creative endeavour, allowing anyone to actualise their imaginations. All they need is the right device and a little bit of perseverance

Running from Monday 30th May to Wednesday 1st June from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, the May coding camp offered learners a great introduction to Python and electronics.  Using the Circuit Playground Express, they seen that coding can help us with our creative projects.

The course started with a basic introduction to the robotics before introducing learners to the Circuit Playground Express which is a board that has lots of devices and sensors built in. The pads at the side allow learners to attach devices using crocodile clips.

The learners  invented creations as unique as themselves.


Coding Camp this Half Term in East Sussex

The May Half-Term Coding Camp at Five Ashes Community hall

Our Coding Camps was held in the beautiful village of Five Ashes' village hall, 10 miles out of Tunbridge Wells. The centre's facilities are excellent and learners enjoyed access to the pitch and park.

We celebrated the Platinum Jubilee the Python way!


May Half-Term 2022

May 30 - June 1, 2022


​30th May

Day 1

Introduction and orientation


Building your first circuit and writing your first code


Controlling a robotic car

Racing and smooth control around a track


31st May

Day 2

Using the Circuit Playground Express


Getting to know the board


Building an interactive board game

or beginning to build the robotic tank


Show and tell



Day 3

Creative session 

Learners take what they have learned and 

apply it to their own creation

or moving the tank around the obstacle course

whether its a game or a robotic friend, they will have learned to code creatively


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Autumn Half-Term 2021

October 24 - 28, 2021

Please look at some of the photographs of the Autumn Coding camp from 2021. More details are found below:


25th October

Day 1

Introduction and orientation

Building your first circuit and writing your first code

Building an automated traffic light

Show and tell


26th October

Day 2

Using a variety of digital devices


Building Circuits that use pulse width modulation


Building an interactive board game


Show and tell

27th October

Day 3

Building a laser tripwire


Using additional chips for control

Using servos


Beginning to build the robot


28th October

Day 4

Continuing to build the robot


Controlling the robot


Carrying out robotic tasks


Show and tell


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