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About Dr C and his Electro Labs

Years of teaching experience

Dr C's Electro Labs is led by Dr Darragh Corvan, who attained his PhD in experimental Physics. Dr C is passionate about the provision of meaningful Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. 

Having had over 15 years of teaching Physics, Dr C has always tried to give his learners exposure to the most up to date technologies within his lessons. In recent years, education reforms did little to address the need for learners to gain experience in coding. Dr C addresses this problem head on by setting up the Electro Labs.

Dr C's Electro Labs will run both weekend coding camps, as well as holiday coding camps. These give learners experience of building circuits and controlling these by coding in Python.

In the school setting, Dr C offers day courses in electronics or robotics. In addition, Dr C can train staff in the provision and delivery of coding in Python, as well as providing equipment for schools to run such courses themselves. 

The aim is to move away from block coding, and give learners real exposure to real coding in Python. 


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