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Coding Electronics Education | Dr C's Electro Labs 
East Sussex

Real Coding, Real Electronics, Real Learning

Dr C's Electro Labs delivers holiday coding camps, weekend coding sessions and educational services in East Sussex and Kent, that teach learners how to build electronic devices and code using Python or Scratch. 

Dr C's Electro Labs is established by Dr Darragh Corvan and aims to increase the number of people coding in the South East of England. Moreover, we hope to increase teacher participation by training and live sessions.

We offer holiday coding camps such as Mayfield's Spark Camp, and have partnered with HAF offering camps for learners on free school meals. We offer weekend coding sessions.  Learners will use Python to learn to code.


We are now offering bespoke sessions for learners of all ages. We can come to you, or meet for a joint session at a venue of your choosing. Simply fill in an inquiry form to find out more

It is hoped that we can do our bit to help upskill East Sussex and Kent as well as build a lifelong passion for electrical, electronic and software engineering.


100 %

of pupils enjoyed working with Dr C rating him as 5/5*

94 %

Pupils found the resources provided very helpful rating them as 4/5 or greater*

*pupil survey Sacred Heart Wadhurst 2021

94 %

of pupils want to find out more after attending the sessions*

*Sacred Heart Pilot session 2021


What we offer

Real Coding, Real Electronics, Real Learning


The importance of coding in our modern tech based society cannot be understated; however, current education often falls short of teaching the skills needed for learners to get meaningful exposure to this. 

Dr C's Electro Labs offer coding camps and electronics courses. We run coding camps between terms and coding weekend sessions for a variety of abilities from beginner to more advanced. We aim to give our learners a real taste of coding in Python and demonstrate that once the initial fear is removed, how much fun and rewarding it can be. For younger learners, we use Scratch and Snap Circuits to teach the concepts of computing and electronics.

We also offer services and consultation for schools. These include staff INSET and live coding sessions where Dr C will teach the children, and staff can get involved and gain confidence.

Learners are supplied with microcontrollers and electronic components which are available to purchase, and are given the opportunity to build some of the electronic devices that we see around us. The experience will help them unleash the power of their imagination.

For advanced learners, we offer coding courses in Python that will allow them to build Apps and to build the skills needed for data visualisation, an increasingly prevalent skill in today's world.

Our Equipment

We provide coding services for students of all ages. 

Our equipment is ideal for not only learning the basics of coding and electronics, but can be used to progress existng coders to become true experts. We teach camera AI techniques for use in our robots. 

No matter the level, we can help you take coding to the next level:

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